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I had read books on Mindfulness and tried following along to videos, using apps.  However, I wasn't getting to grips with it.

Enrolling on Mel's course changed that.  The interaction with others whilst being guided by Mel has made it all click into place.

Each week we have explored different areas of life with dedicated meditations and discussions, leading to real insight and helpful ways forward.

Has it worked?  Absolutely.  I'm now practising Mindfulness every day thanks to Mel, and reacting in a more thoughtful and calm way to stressful situations.  

I would thoroughly recommend Mel's course as a way to learn and start practicing Mindfulness. 

"I found I immediately clicked with Mindfulness and couldn't quite believe the sense of calm I had that followed even a short meditation.

After a few weeks, I could feel a difference in myself.  I feel in general more calm, I find I'm not immediately reacting to feelings of frustration or disappointment and I really enjoy the meditative moments to clear my mind and feel like I have nowhere to be and no place to rush to" 

I am half way through this course and it’s been life changing for me. The course is so valuable and the content is amazing. The support out of the group is outstanding and the downloads within the course are so helpful between the sessions. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, even if you think, "I’m not stressed".

It’s helped me to stop in the moment and evaluate the situation before I react. I’m so grateful to Mel. She’s so friendly and so professional in every way."

:As a new mum, Mindfulness really helped my mental state.  My head often felt scrambled with so many things, and often still does.  With the techniques I learned, I have some great tools to help ground me.  Not only did I learn a lot of the science behind mindfulness, but the meditation sessions were fantastic.  To have that time with no noise in my brain, no hustle and bustle of everyday life, even for a short time, was wonderful."

"For anyone thinking about signing up - go for it!  You won't regret it.

Often our lives are so busy that we can fail to see the value in investing in ourselves when it's something that doesn't immediately seem to have a measurable goal or outcome.

I took a lot from these sessions and found the exercises and techniques beneficial and east to apply."

"Mel is brilliant - she has such a calm and reassuring manner and is a complete natural."

You have really inspired me and helped me see how Mindfulness can help me to keep control of the whirlwind that goes on each day.  Mindfulness has helped me be more accepting of the things I cannot change .. And this has brought me a peace of mind on a number of things I was really struggling with.