About me

Hi, I'm Mel Edley - I"m the Founder of Mindfulness and ME and a Mindfulness Teacher & Facilitator.  I stumbled across Mindfulness completely by accident in 2017 after a year that was challenging in so many ways - and I've been hooked ever since!

After my training, I became registered with BAMBA (British Association of Mindfulness based Applications, and adhere to their Good Practice Guidelines.  That's important to me as it shows that my teacher-training followed a well-structured path, helping me to be the best teacher I can be.  

I deliver courses in workplace settings, and to the general public. I've delivered an Mindfulness for Life (an 8 week course) to over 300 people (each course had 6-8 people), introductory sessions to over 2,200 and I am still as fascinated about Mindfulness as I was the day I discovered it. 

Quiet Forest


My mission is to set people on the path to integrate Mindfulness in their daily lives - at home and at work. I want to help people live their lives in awareness and in the present moment with less judgment, more kindness, compassion and understanding. 


To help as many people as I can to discover the benefits of mindfulness and understand how it can so easily become an integral part of daily life.  In doing so, we we send ripples outwards to those around us, helping them to be more Mindful too.